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Our First Meeting

The first official meeting of the FDSHC occurred on 11/7 to discuss a mission statement going forward with the three major cemeteries in the downtown area most impacted by tourist and local foot traffic and the resulting degradation. The goal is to build off of the initial Charter Street Friends group that was initiated by several walking tour company owners and create a larger, more inclusive organization to provide advocacy for these important historic sites. Going forward we will lay out our goals, create an active board for quarterly meetings (more frequent in the months leading up to October) and explore community outreach. Discussion also included preliminary fundraising and allocation of said funds, possible permanent location for information and sales of associated goods, and confirmation of Historic status and preservation. A website will be set up shortly for email and documentation of our efforts and requests for action, in the meantime, inquiries may be made here. Thank you in advance for your time and interest!

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