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Restructuring and Moving Forward!

We have begun a new chapter for FDSHC this spring with a friendly partnership with Historic Salem Inc. and a new mission of advocacy! Thanks to a large grant, The Old Burying Point Cemetery will be reinvigorated and our main purpose has switched from fundraising to public outreach and education.

During the busiest season of the year, Charter Street (Old Burying Point) will be closed to the public and we will be making an effort to educate the public through a series of informal lectures and volunteers to help keep our visitors from becoming dismayed at their inability to visit this historic landmark. We are also assisting in providing a pamphlet for guests to take sharing information about the cemetery for those who cannot visit.

We are performing a clean up today, and will be having a public meeting later in July to invite more of the public to assist us in our efforts going forward. Keep an eye on this space for our exciting new chapter!

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